About Us​

Appy Holidays was born with one goal in mind - to provide Jewish-American and Israeli parents - or anyone else interested in Jewish tradition - with a wide set of interactive tools to teach their young at the ages 2-7 all about the different Jewish holidays: Their meaning, customs, songs, key Hebrew words. All through fun and rich experience. We have found there is no one single place that provides parents with everything from songs through holiday recipes, to holiday key terms and thorough understanding. Each Jewish Holiday offers an application which is designed to be enjoyed either together as a family, or by the kid sitting learning by themselves. 


The first holiday we put focus on is Chanukah, 'The Festival of Lights'. Appy Chanukah is now out and available on iTunes for iPad users. Parent can enjoy a wide array of interactive activities that are focusing on providing the entire family a festive,fun and rich experience of Chanukah, including an eBook, puzzles, personalized greeting cards, interactive menorah etc. 


Alin Wagner-Lahmy Mother of two, armed with 13 years in Digital Media, Communities and Social Media, decided to create an application that will keep my kids connected to their tradition. Lived in Israel, London and US and have a Masters degree in New Media and Information from London School of Economics.

Tzvia Bader Spent the last 2 years as the CEO and founder of media startup based on crowd content from dedicated community and social media, has over 15 years of business development, solution building and strategic planning. Mother to three young girls, lives in Tenafly NJ (the suburbs) and drives a minivan.

Julie Silverman A mother of a beautiful 4-month old daughter. I have a B.S. in Early 
Childhood Education from Indiana University and am the Director of a Jewish Pre School.